What does Westpfalz-Wireless in Pirmasens offer?

Aided by our cooperation partners, the city of Pirmasens offers you free internet access in specific designated locations.

With this service, the city of Pirmasens wishes to enable citizens and guests to surf the internet by accessing available hotspots of cooperation partners, using appropriate WLAN-enabled mobile end devices.

Generally, the internet is fully accessable. Excluded is content that is either illegal or harmful to young people. Here, corresponding filters are applied.

Details can be found under the specification of services.

Who can access the WLAN Westpfalz-Wireless in Pirmasens?

Anybody using a WLAN-enabled device (e.g. smartphone, notebook, tablet pc, iPod, ebook reader) and attempting access within the range of a designated access point (HotSpots).

To prevent misusage, access is verified by a mobile phone number.

How can I apply? Do I have to get registered? Which data is necessary? How do I receive my access codes?
  • Turn on your internet-accessible device and ensure that WLAN functionality is enabled.
  • Select "Westpfalz-Wireless" from the list of available wireless networks.
  • You will automatically be redirected to the welcome page of Westpfalz-Wireless (landing page - InfoPortal and registration).
  • Select the flag "Anmeldung" ("application") on the welcome page (landing page). After that, you need to register with a German mobile phone number, using the international format (+49...). You will then receive your access details via a text message. Please enter these details in the corresponding places.
  • Open your internet browser and select any internet address.
  • You can now surf the internet for up to 60 minutes per day, transferring up to 1 GByte during this time span.

What happens with my registration details?

The registration details will not be handed out to a third party, neither will they be used for commercial purposes.

How fast is Westpfalz-Wireless?

Westpfalz-Wireless provides a broadband WLAN access with up to 100 Mbit/s.

How long can I use Westpfalz-Wireless and at what cost?

With free 60 minutes access, the connection will be terminated after transmitting more than 1 GByte of data. When reaching the end of the given 60 minutes time frame per day, the connection will equally be terminated.

Another 1 GByte for a time span of 60 minutes will be available for you the following day.

From the 4th quarter of 2014, we will be offering you paid packages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The payment will be registerred with K-net Telekommunikation GmbH via Paysafe.

If you limit your internet access to the webpages of the InfoPortal and its partners, said access is available freely without a temporal limitation.

What happens with the WLAN connection when I'm inactive?

The internet access is available for 60 minutes a day, starting with your initial registration on the first day. Should you turn off your phone after 5 minutes, this time will still run out.

What happens when I leave the signal range of Westpfalz-Wireless?

Just like with any other wireless connection, access is terminated when you leave the signal range. If you return to the range of a WLAN hotspot and if Westpfalz-Wireless is still activated on your device, you will automatically be reconnected to the internet.

Forgot your password? Do I need to remember my user name and password?

If you should have forgotten your password, re-enter your mobile phone number on the access portal and click on "Passwort nochmals zusenden" ("re-send password"). Your password will again be sent to you via text message (for up to 3 times).

I can not connect to the internet. What could be the reason?
  • check whether WLAN is activated on your device
  • check whether you have tried to connect to the correct network. The city's mobile network is called "Westpfalz-Wireless"
  • check whether you have accepted the terms of use

I did not receive a short message containing my access data. What do I need to do?

Your mobile phone number needs to be entered in the international format, e.g. +49176....
Notice that the zero of the area code is omitted in this format.

In which locations is Westpfalz-Wireless currently available?

Currently, several hotspots enable you to access Westpfalz-Wireless in the Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, Ramstein city area. You can get a specific overview here. In locations that provide Westpfalz-Wireless access, the network Westpfalz-Wireless will automatically be displayed on your mobile end device.

How safe is Westpfalz-Wireless?

The Westpfalz Wireless WLAN is not encrypted and, therefore, open. Thus, it can not be ruled out that other users access transmitted data. The user is in charge of encrypting corresponding data transmissions (e.g. https, VPN).

The Westpfalz Wireless does not accept liabilities pertaining to messages or data that has been sent by the user and that has consequently been viewed, intercepted or altered by third parties, that have been transmitted by the alleged sender or received by the desired receiver.

Is there anything I need to mind while using Westpfalz-Wireless?

It is recommended to use https:// pages, since they provide proper encryption. This is often possible, by entering "https://" before "www." in internet addresses. Different browsers offer alternatives through corresponding add-ons, e.g. "https-Everywhere". With this add-on, webpages are exclusively accesses via https.

Who is behind Westpfalz-Wireless?

The Westpfalz Wireless give users the opportunity to access the internet via the WLAN of K-Net GmbH, using a variety of access hotspot locations.

The roles of the service providers are as follows: providing all technical prerequisites (as access provider) is K-Net Telekommunikation GmbH, Barbarossastraße 64, 67655 Kaiserslautern, HRB 3283 Local Court Kaiserslautern (Bundesnetzagentur Reg-Nr. 99/180).

Storage and databanks are provided (as host provider) by DEMANDO GmbH, Europaallee 10, 67657 Kaiserslautern, HRB 4096 Local Court Kaiserslautern (Bundesnetzagentur Reg-Nr. 14/040).

Who can I contact concerning questions and suggestions pertaining to the public WLAN in Pirmasens? Is there technical support?

The providers of Westpfalz-Wireless can not offer any support concerning technical problems pertaining to mobile davices.

Should you experience problems concerning the funtionality of your end devices or should particular hotspots be out of order, although your connection settings have been adjusted correctly (see above) and your end device is in working order, please contact K-Net Telekommunikation GmbH, Tel. +49(0)631-31608180.

Concerning questions and suggestions pertaining to the landing page's content, please contact us by email at info@westpfalz-wireless.de .

I am running my own business, how can I offer Westpfalz-Wireless to my customers?

Please contact us at info@westpfalz-wireless.de. We will happily advise you in this matter.

Where can I get further information on K-net products?

You can get detailed information concerning the companies involved at www.k-net-gmbh.de und www.klug-und-klever.de

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